How to Start a Sword and Knife Collection

There are many reasons why you may want to begin collecting swords and knives. They are pieces of art, seeing the different styles all in one place is very rewarding. It is a very unique accumulation of tools and the options are endless. There are many creators who are constantly making one of a kind weapons. Having a sword collection can also lead to more, such as having armor pieces and even building a suit from those. These are my top recommendations and advice on how to start a sword and knife collection.

Before you begin collecting, it is important to understand the negative side to it first. First of all, there may be weapons that you are looking to own, however it may be illegal to have them. Make sure what you are looking to get is legal in your area. This is also an extremely expensive hobby. Authentic weapons can cost thousands of dollars. Having these weapons around your house is also quite dangerous, keep in mind the safety for children and pets when openly displaying these items. In addition to displaying them, once so many are acquired they can take up a lot of space. It’s best to have a separate room dedicated to only your collection.

Here’s a guy that has an amazing collection.

Still on board to begin your sword collection? Perfect. Let’s talk about ways we can store and display these weapons. It’s important to remember the importance in safety when handling and displaying them. Using a wicker basket is great because this can safely hide the blades yet still show off the hilt for a perfect display. Placing the swords behind furniture and other large items is also a great tactic because this prevents people from touching or accidentally bumping into any dangerous parts. Once you feel confident in being able to store your collection safely, you can begin searching for your new favorites.

An option to search for collectibles is through online shopping. Ebay is great to find many types, however, it may be a con not being able to inspect them up close before purchasing. I can also suggest to check out local flea markets and such because there may be regular vendors who sell weapons. The prices are often cheaper at these places and they usually have a unique variety to select from. If you think you need hundreds of swords and knives to have a collection, you are wrong. After purchasing 8, you will notice your collection room has built up fairly quick. Also, it’s completely okay to purchase knockoff types of items. People who view your collection will not notice and if you are happy with it, that’s all that matters.

Taking care of these swords and knives are quite simple. Simply using a lint-free cloth to wipe them down often does the job to make them sparkle again. If not, using an appropriate cleaning solution will. Be careful to not cut yourself!

If you have to move your sword collection, it can be a huge inconvenience. Keeping them in a secure location until you put them on display is my best advice. This way they are all in one place and the chances of someone getting hurt or the pieces getting damaged are very minimal.

While I’ve focused mainly on the upkeep of swords, knives are just the same. If you are struggling financially to grow your swords, keep in mind you can have a great collection with a variety of weapons. This includes knives, axes, staves, and maces. Using wicker baskets to store and display these items also work very well. Often times people want to touch your pieces, this ensures safety.

Whether you want to start small or go all for it, these recommendations will get you started safely and efficiently.