Creating a Feng Shui Bathroom


The bathroom represents prosperity and wealth, this is why anyone would rather have the energy flow easily … According to Feng Shui tradition, a dirty and unpleasant looking bathroom will “help” your finances go …down the drain…
Feng Shui improvements for your bathroom:

1. Sanitary fittings and pipes must be always kept in good operating condition. Monthly, pour half of sodium bicarbonate down the discharge pipe, then pour a cup of vinegar. Let substances act for 10 minutes, then clean the pipes with hot water.

2. The toilet vessel cap must always be kept down.

3. Cover the drain openings in the wash basin and bath tub.

4. Arrange a small green corner inside the bathroom, with bamboo stalks. Plants should be reflected in the mirror.

5. The bathroom door should always be closed.

6. If possible, place a screen between the toilet vessel and the rest of the bathroom.

7. If the bathroom door outwards, place a mirror on that side of the door, to create the illusion that the door disappears.

8. Bathroom decoration should be as interesting as possible, mostly with the intent to make you feel comfortable. This room should seem as attractive as possible when you go inside to clean off your body.

9. Use good quality towels to show your wealth and prosperity. Golden towels are excellent in this respect.

10. Mess should not exist in this intimate space! Under no circumstance should kitchen utensils be found in here.

11. If your bathroom has a window, open it to allow air coming into the room. Furthermore, this will enhance the flow of fresh Chi energy.

12. Aerate your bathroom to remove “dead”, stagnant energies or which take up a lot of space and, therefore, block the flow. A lot of wasted energy can be found inside this room.

13. The products you use to for cleaning should be as natural as possible to help preserve a fresh and vibrant Chi energy.

14. During the day, it is advisable to have a lot of light inside the bathroom, without this invading your privacy.

15. Fresh flowers and green plants are excellent for maintaining the Chi “clean” and enhance its flow.

16. Do not spend too much money on arranging your bathroom, but make sure that you give the impression of having invested a lot in this space and that you have enough money allowing you to do that …

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